Buy Adsense Account For Mobile Type Sites

If you have a mobile website on which you would like to display Google ads (First you need an adsense account – you can buy adsense account for mobile and all type sites), this guide will walk you step-by-step through the process of implementing ads on your mobile web page.

To get started, first sign in to your AdSense account and visit the AdSense Setup tab. Then, click the AdSense for Mobile link to begin designing ads for your mobile site. Just like standard Google ads, mobile ads can be customised to best match the look and feel of your pages.

Step 1: Choose a format

Right now, we offer two ad sizes: Single and Double. Per the AdSense for mobile programme policies, a Double ad unit may only be placed at the bottom of your mobile web page. If you would like to place the ad at the top, please choose a Single ad unit.

Step 2: Select your markup language

You can choose from wml, xhtml and chtml markup languages. If you are not sure what markup language was used to code your mobile web page, you may wish to review the information in our Help Centre to help you determine the correct selection.

Step 3: Pick your colours

Now, get creative by selecting colours for your new ad unit. Simply select one of the predefined colour palettes that we offer or choose your own options.

Keep in mind that wml or chtml markup languages do not enable you to customise the border or background colours of your ad units. Once you are satisfied with your options, select Continue.

Step 4: Define channels

Channels, our detailed tracking option, work for your mobile ad units exactly as they do for standard AdSense and content Ad units. T performance will show up in a separate report, it is generally a good idea to use channels to better track your ad units. If you are new to using channels, you can find more information in our channels guide.

Step 5: Identify your scripting language

The final steps to select your server-side scripting language. Any page displaying mobile ads must support PHP, CGI/Perl, JSP or ASP. From the drop-down menu, select the language that your page supports and the code will automatically update based on your selection.

Step 6: Copy and paste your mobile ad code

Click anywhere  to select the code, then right-click then copy. Paste the code for your ad unit into your web page, where you would like your mobile ads to appear, then save and publish your page. You should see relevant ads appear within about 48 hours, once our crawler has had a chance to visit your page and determine its content. Until relevant ads are available, no ads will be displayed.