Cell Phone Location Tracker To Locate Stolen Phones

This applications helps to locate the  stolen Android phones , but this time we summarize the best ones on the market for this purpose. Some are more functional than others, some are cheap, others have a monthly cost the most important, of course, is to be protected from theft.

And it is not to forget that in our Android phone we have many data, our mail, our calendar, sometimes access to critical information like the number of our credit cards. It is important that if we suffer a theft or loss we will be able to locate the phone, thanks to the GPS , and block it and even delete all its contents remotely . There are many applications to perform this task and we will outline the best.

We have spoken of Cerberus on some occasion. It is an application that allows: locate the position of the phone; Start an alarm on the device, even if it is silent; Delete internal memory and SD remotely; Hide the application on the device; Lock the device with a code, remotely; Record audio from the microphone; Get the list of the last calls sent and received; Obtain information about the network and operator to which the mobile is connected; Receive alerts if a new SIM is entered .

All this from an cell phone location tracker that allows from any browser to perform these tasks. If the phone is not connected to the Internet can also be controlled by sms (and these messages are hidden, they will not appear in the messaging application).

cell phone location tracker application can be tested one week for free, and then costs three euros, single payment, with no more fees. It is a pretty good solution and in fact the ones that convince me the most. Definitely a very good option in case we lose or steal our phone.