Google AdSense Is Easy To Start

Have you heard or read about how easy you can make money through the integration of Google Adsense on your website? Well,  fact is this is true, to add Google Adsense to your website is actually pretty easy. First you need to sign up for a buy adsense account, and then you simply follow the instructions that Google provides. You will get your Publisher ID#xxxxxxxxxx, yes its a long number! Its up on the top right hand side of your screen. Then you just do like I said earlier and follow your directions, add your codes for the various sized adds that are available, and that’s pretty much it!  The codes you get will be added to your site at various places depending on the WordPress template your using. Other sites will have other methods, but for this post I am simply talking Adsense on WordPress,  only because to elaborate any further would take an ebook instead of a post.

Don’t let this happen to you, the wrong keywords will result in either no traffic, or traffic that’s simply not targeted, and most likely the wrong Adsense ads for your site!

I’ve heard this more then once before! I don’t understand? I followed the exact same methods the Guru’s told me to follow, and the site looks good,  but I’m not getting any clicks on my ads, and I’m not getting any traffic, and the worst part is the ads don’t match what I want for my site! I don’t understand what’s happening?

For starters you have got to do some good keyword research if you want any kind of free organic search traffic to your site! There are tons of good ebooks, articles, and other websites where you can learn some keyword research techniques, there’s just no way for me to do that here, and now! Second, make sure you at least have All-In-One SEO plugin on your site to make sure you at least get your basics down for your on-page SEO, titles, keywords etc.

Next, make sure you have a Google XML Sitemap Generator Plugin, and submit your sitemap to Google through your Google Account. You set your account up to get your Adsense account started earlier! This will help in getting your sites pages indexed faster, which will in turn help you to begin ranking for your keywords, gaining much needed pagerank, and ultimately getting your targeted traffic!