How to insert Google adsense ads on your blog?

When you start on the net, there are a lot of stuff that blocks such as putting a page in the footer of your site, placing an advertisement online especially if you have to create it elsewhere and so after. But if you do not know how to create and insert a Google adsense ads on your blog, here are the steps:

1- Create your Google adsense account

The first step is to create your Google adsense account. Hey, no panic. You will not need to create another buy adsense account if you already have a Gmail address. To create your Google absence account, here are the elements to group on you:

– Your Gmail address .

If you do not have a Gmail address, create one by clicking here . Once your address is created, retrieve it there on a sheet as well as your password.

– A presentation of your content to monetize

You need to make a unique description of your site that you must have on hand so as not to be surprised at the steps associated with signing up.

2- Sign up at Google Adsense

After you create your address, you should register with Google AdSense through this link . After signing up and submitting your site, you must wait until Google’s robots visit your blog and Google activates your adsense account if it deems your site to be of high quality and meets its requirements.

You can if you want to create your ad block and already put it online. This technique has the ability to show the robot that the Google adsense program is already online and quickly activate your account.

How to put your advertising blocks online?

To put your adsense ads online, you simply go to your WordPress dashboard, click on “Appearance and widget” and a new text widget and paste your Google adsense advertising codes. This technique only works if you want to put your adsense ads blocks into the sidebar called the sidebar of your blog.

If your choice is to put your Google Adsense blocks in the body of your articles, you need a plugin or work on the code of your single.php file …

A very simple technique is to put it through a plugin. You can use Quick adsense that offers you the opportunity to put your ads on the place you want in your articles and pages.

One tip, do not clutter your readers by placing advertisements in your contact, about and other pages. Moreover, there is often very little content there. Insert your advertising blocks reasonably.