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Glasses were first used in Europe in Italy, and some portraits dating from the Middle Ages represent people who wear glasses. With the invention of printing in the 15th century, demand for magnifying glasses and 1629 was large enough for a letter to be granted to a guild of spectacle makers in England. The first bifocal glasses were made by Benjamin Franklin in his suggestion about 1760. In the early days the only glasses were made of spherical lenses to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness. It is not until the end of the 19th century no cylindrical lens for correction of astigmatism into common use. Lenses are lenses or prisms used in front of the eyes to compensate for various defects of vision. The most common form of spectacles career consists of a pair of plastic lenses in a frame of metal or plastic provided for the bridge of the nose. The frame is held in place by spring pressure in the nose or temples, or arms that grip the head or hook around the ears. Glasses with lenses made of a hard plastic is commonly used for reasons of safety and increased lightweight. Other forms include lens held in place by pressure on the nose, usually called pince-nez (French, “pinch nose”). Simple lenses are used to correct vision in one eye in place by wedging into the orbit of the eye, known as monocles. Glasses with a handle instead of temples, sometimes used for reading, are called impertinent. The goggle lenses are ground in the form of spherical concave lenses for nearsightedness (myopia), convex spherical lenses for hyperopia (farsightedness), cylindrical lenses for astigmatism, and prisms convergence defects. It is often necessary to grind lenses in a combination of these forms to correct several anomalies at once. Bifocals are used to give a different amount of correction for distance vision and near work. The top of these lenses is an area for distance vision and the bottom for near vision, so the user simply has to drop eyes to read and elevate them to see distant objects. trifocal glasses are bifocals that are ground with a central target for the intermediate distance. Glasses are used to protect the eyes as well as to correct visual defects. Colored glasses or sunglasses, used to protect the eyes from the sun’s rays are a familiar example. To protect your eyes from actinic rays of flame welding, workers use glasses of a deeper tint. Machinists and other factory workers wear glasses or goggles great strength to protect your eyes from flying metal particles, and aviators and racing drivers wear goggles to protect your eyes from wind. Watertight glasses allow divers to see underwater. Help skiers ski goggles with sight glasses also race 2013. Today, the glasses do more than correct your vision. They have also become fashion items. For example, celebrities like Elton John and Lisa Loeb are known for their ubiquitous glasses. The Ms. Jacky O. It is also known for its large sunglasses signing many stars now they continue imitating, as Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton.