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On the other hand the SMS interceptor will help you in cell phone surveillance of the text messaging activities of the target phone. You can read all incoming and outgoing text message on your mobile since it will send a duplicate copy of the message on the mobile which is spying on the target cell phone.All possible with mobile spy software

As soon as you buy the cell phone telefon takip software the next thing you need to do is install it on the target phone. The installation will not take more than just few seconds to complete. But once you have done this you will never have to touch the target phone ever to spy on it. There are several SMS commands that you can send from your mobile phone to the target cell phone. First SMS command will be a setup command to configure the software with your cell phone.

The commands that you send to the target phone are totally invisible to the target phone and there is no way it can know that you are sending some on it. Activating and deactivating any service of cell phone surveillance is possible at any time through the SMS commands. Whenever there is a conversation going on in the target phone you can switch on the microphone of the target cell phone and listen to the conversation of both parties. Also there is an option for you to record that conversation for future use with the help of mobile spy software. So it is easy to work with and safe. Just try it out yourself and see the results of mobile spy software.