What is IPhone Tracker – Mobile Spy

A  Mobile Spy (www.mobispyphone.com) is a software program that allows you to secretly monitor the activity of any Cell Phone based smart phone. The system is compatible with iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, iPad, Windows Mobile and Symbian OS smartphones. If you worry that your child or employee is abusing the privileges of their cell phone by sending or receiving unallowed SMS (text) messages or conducting inappropriate activities on the  phone, you can now know for sure with cell phone tracker.

Q:How Does IPhone Tracker Work?

IPhone Tracker uses a state-of-the-art covert tracking application that monitors and records ALL activity on the cell phone. It then sends all the information to a server where it is stored for you! All you do is install the cell phone tracker software onto the target phone you want to spy on… installation is easy and only takes a minute! You can then view all recorded information from any computer in the world!

Q:Will  IPhone Tracker Work With My Phone?

It works with almost every Smart Phone on the market. For iPhone, the phone must be jail broken which is an easy and legal process.

Q:If the  Iphone user deletes call records will I still see the data?

Absolutely!  IPhone Tracker does not use the phone’s call and message logs to record activities. This means even if the user deletes call history or records, text messages or search history, you will still see the data. They cannot cover their tracks with Cell Phone Tracker!

Q: How Many IPhones Can I Monitor With One License?

 You can use your single Mobile Spy account on up to THREE (3) separate phones without purchasing additional licenses!

Q: Is Cell IPhone Tracker legal?

 It is completely legal as long as you own the phone or have authorization to install  IPhone Tracker on it.

Q: Why Would I Want To Do that?

 It depends on each person, but here are some of the most common uses: Married and single people use it to find out if their spouses or fiances are having an affair. Parents use it to keep an eye on their children or on their old parents. Employers and company owners use it to protect their businesses and to monitor their employees.


Q: What if I get caught?

Once installed,  IPhone Tracker is undetectable and only the person who installed it knows of its existence. The software doesn’t create a new menu, it doesn’t show an icon, it doesn’t emit any sounds. In conclusion, it doesn’t give any sign to the person that uses the cell phone.

Q: Is it really undetectable?

 Yes, it is and we stand by it with our guarantee. Nevertheless, because of the nature of its use, IPhone Tracker Software has thoroughly been tested by our engineers in order to avoid any embarrassing or awkward situation.

Q:Will Mobile Spy cost me text messaging (SMS) fees with my cell carrier?

The answer is no. Unlike other programs which use your Phone’s built-in texter to send data, Mobile Spy uses the Internet to upload the information. This means you will not be surprised with unwanted text message bills and it will not alarm the mobile phone user if they see unrecognizable text messages on the cell phone statement.

Q: I live in the USA, Will it work on my cell phone?

 IPhone Tracker works in any part of the world. If you can use a smart phone in your country, you can install Cell IPhone Tracker on it and monitor it.

Q: I am not very good with opening and modifying smart phones.

IPhone Tracker doesn’t need you to open or modify your smart phone. You don’t even have to connect it to your computer. All you need is the cell phone’s identification number in the battery compartment. You will also get a step by step installation guide with screenshots and photo’s to help you see exactly how to install and how to use the program.